Ezesha - Enabling Your Aspirations

Ezesha is a revolutionary product that enables aspiring homeowner's access up to 105% financing.

Meaning, it absorbs those burdensome entry costs - 10% deposit, stamp duty, legal fees and valuation costs and spreads them across your mortgage repayment period. Making it easier for you to own property.

Ezesha, enabling your aspirations.


  • No need to raise 10% deposit plus closing costs.
  • Competitive interest rate on a reducing balance basis
  • Insurance premium financing available
  • Access to property and advisory services through the Housing Finance Property Point


  • 100% financing for the purchase or construction of a home.
  • An extra 5% financing on your closing costs - stamp duty, valuation and legal fees
  • An option to acquire furniture financing of up to Ksh. 500,000 from selected partners
  • An attractive interest rate of 1% on a reducing balance basis.

*Terms and condition apply

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