Basco Paints

Basco Products Ltd, more popularly known as Basco Paints is a leading paint manufacturer with a wealth of experience of over 35 years based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Basco Paints is a name to reckon with in the East and Central Africa region where its products are distributed. Basco brands are widely found in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC and Ethiopia. With an installed production capacity of 22 million litres of paint per annum, our brands have won accolades for its superior standards and quality.

Milestone at Basco paints include;

1989 - Acquired the first Alkyd Resins Manufacturing plant

1991 - Started its own Metal Cans Manufacturing plant, a first in the Paints industry.

1992 - Invested in PVA Resins Manufacturing plant

1993 - Set up headquarters in custom built factory on 5 acre plot in Embakasi

1994 - Installed second Alkyd Resin Manufacturing plant

1995 - Installed a Sheet Metal Printing and Coating Company

1997 - Carried out major expansion plan of the factory

1998 - Significant investment in the launch and introduction of DuraCoat range of Premium quality paints

1999 - Launched the PAT'S DECO Range of specialized finishes for interiors from Quadra Industries of France.

2000 - Introduction of Real Roc textured coatings from Denbas of Turkey.

2001 - Put up an additional Cans line.

2002 - Opened a depot in Mombasa named, "Coastal Paints Centre"

2003 - Launched Automated Computerized Tinting System with the "DuraCoat Colourmania" Concept

2004 - Opened a depot in Kisumu, named the "Nyanza Paint Centre"

2005 -Opened a depot in Meru, named the "Mt. Kenya Paint Centre"

2005 - Launch and introduction of the "DuraCoat Royale Range" a premium plus range of products excelling in superiority.

2007 - Opened a depot in Kampala, Uganda in a move into the East African Region.

2007 - Duracoat Brand emerges winner in MSK Warrior Award.

2008 - Duracoat Brand clinches First Runner up in MSK Awards.

2008 - Attains the ISO 9001:2008 certification status.

2009 -Duracoat Brand is awarded Superbrand 2009-2011 Status

2010 - Entered into strategic partnerships with Property Point (part of HFCK) and Homes Kenya (part of Mentor Group Holdings.)

2011 - Introduces the Ennis Prismo Thermoplastic Road Marking Paints in partnership with Ennis Prismo, UK.


Property Point customers can enjoy upto 30% discount on duracoat range, 15% discount on thinners, 40% discount on economy range